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What's Your Birthstone?

Take a tour through the months of the year with their official birthstones, and what each represents! From Faye's Diamond Mine, Master IJO Jeweler in Clinton, Arkansas. See more on our blog!

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What’s your birthstone

It is widely believed that wearing your birthstone can bring you good fortune; maybe it’s because it aligns with you so well. Check out this month-by-month explanation of birthstones and their various benefits…

February Birthstone - Amethyst

If born in February, the Amethyst has become the most conventionally accepted birthstone. As strange as it sounds, it was believed to protect its owner from intoxication. Want to know more? Watch the video for more details on this violet quartz. Check Out: Our Channel: Sign Up for Email: Playlists: The best-kept jewelry secret in the world is tucked away in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our National Jewelry Liquidation Center offers an incredible selection of fine pre-owned watches and jewelry with unbelievably tiny price tags. Check out the bling at

What is your Birthstone

This informational video informs and educates you on your birth stone based on the month you where born.

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