Best Home Design Idea | Absolutely Stunning Tiny Traveling Dream Home from Tiny Heirloom

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INCREDIBLE AND INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms AND Furniture ----------------------------------------

Interior Design Trends 2018

Discover the Top 10 interior design trends of 2018 in this must-watch guide to decor your home. D.Signers reveals what’s trending in interior design, colors, furniture, metals, nature, wall art, wood, tropical vibes and ideas to beautify your spaces. Become an expert in a few minutes watching this video. This Top 10 was created by Professionals Experts from D.Signers Group. Website: Instagram: Music by Mizter-Rab.

Dream Tiny House Built For A Young Family

David Latimer of New Frontier Tiny Home builds some seriously beautiful homes. He featured a tiny house here on The Tiny House Listings channel awhile back called The Alpha that garnered millions of views. Now, in this video, David is sharing his latest creation called The Escher. Like The Alpha, The Escher has a garage-style door that folds up to let a huge amount of space inside. The home sits on a gooseneck trailer and has a bedroom space for the parents and also a bedroom for their young child. As you'll see in the video, there are some seriously-custom, seriously-beautiful features featured throughout the entire house. It's awesome to see a home where so many details and attention to detail were implemented throughout the build. Built by New Frontier Tiny Homes: Subscribe: Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: Tiny homes for sale in your inbox: Instagram:


Would you live in a tiny house? Check out our list of 10 Tiny houses anyone could call home. Subscribe to our new channels! 💡 Minds Eye Media Minds Eye Kids 🚀 POPULAR PLAYLISTS 💥 AMAZING FUTURISTIC VEHICLES CRAZY VEHICLES AWESOME SCOOTERS, MOTORBIKES and E BIKES Most Recent Upload 👈 Featured Tiny Houses ⭐ # 10 BIG SUR TINY HAWK HOUSE # 9 TINY NEW YORK CABIN IN THE WOODS Scott Newkirk # 8 NOMAD MICRO HOME # 7 TINY SLED BEACH HUT # 6 APH80 PORTABLE TINY HOUSE # 5 FLOATING WOODEN EXBURY EGG HOUSE # 4 EAGLE POINT TINY HOUSE # 3 ECO-PERCH TINY TREE HOUSE # 2 KERET HOUSE # 1 BLOB VB3 MOBILE TINY HOUSE Royalty Free Music 🎧 Karma Code by Traveler & Sinjun Tonight - Sirens Song Sam Russell MINDS EYE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA ✅ Google+ YouTube 10 TINY HOUSES ANYONE COULD CALL HOME

Thoreauvian simple living: unelectrified, timeless tiny home

Seven years ago Diana and Michael Lorence moved to a 12-foot-square home without electricity in the coastal mountains of Northern California.  They're not back-to-the-land types- they're not growing their own food, nor raising animals-, but, like Thoreau, they were looking for a place where they could get away from the noise of society and focus on their inner lives. For nearly 30 years they have lived in tiny houses, often in guest homes, though their current abode is the smallest and most fitting their needs. It was designed by Michael based on their experiences living in nearly 20 tiny homes across the country before finally settling here.  They don't have electricity nor any other type of alternative energy (i.e. solar power). They don't have a refrigerator so they eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.  There's also no oven, but Diana says she doesn't bake anyway and she cooks their meals with their one cast iron pot over the fire. The fire is also their source of hot water, heat and light (in addition to candles). The Lorences are a private couple, but recently they have begun to speak out more about their lives in hopes of showing others that options such as theirs exist. Until now, the couple has turned down requests appear on video, not wanting to be categorized as simply another couple choosing to live in a tiny space. So I was pleasantly surprised when Diana and Michael agreed to let me visit their home with my camera. Original story here:

Best Home Design Idea | Absolutely Stunning Tiny Traveling Dream Home from Tiny Heirloom
Best Home Design Idea | Absolutely Stunning Tiny Traveling Dream Home from Tiny Heirloom
Best Home Design Idea | Absolutely Stunning Tiny Traveling Dream Home from Tiny Heirloom
Absolutely Stunning Tiny Traveling Dream Home from Tiny Heirloom
Location: Oregon
Their show Tiny Luxury is again! Catch an all new episode of this tradition Tiny Home May 10th 9pm|8c on DIY Network!

Then the most appropriate of Season 3 on May 17th at 9pm|8c!! 💥

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