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How To Increase Conversion Rate Easily (Conversion Rate Optimization 101)

It is essential that you do a good deal of website testing in order to improve your conversion rate. There are several tools available online one can use to conduct website testing. Learn more about optimizing your conversion rate in this video from the experts over at Wpromote.com

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

http://www.koozai.com - Conversion Rate is the percentage at which website users perform a desired action such as filling in a contact form or completing an order. Conversion Rate Optimisation looks at ways to improve this percentage. Find out more information from our whitepaper http://www.koozai.com/resources/whitepapers/getting-started-with-conversion-rate-optimisation/ Don't forget to Subscribe to our channel to receive a new Digital Marketing video each week! Check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at: http://www.koozai.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/koozai https://twitter.com/koozai

Conversion Rate Optimization: Why This One Metric Determines Your Ecommerce Success

If you're making uneducated or gut-driven decisions when effectively altering your ecommerce site experience, you will impact your online store’s conversion rate. This means lost sales and revenue, or, even worse, sending your customers to shop with a competitor. Learn how to boost your store’s conversion rate for your ecommerce business Check out the full blog post to learn even more! Have questions? Tweet @Bigcommerce, we’re here to help! #sellmore http://blog.bigcommerce.com/conversion-rate-optimization/

Conversion Rate Optimization - Understanding User Behavior

Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Fountain Media, Alhan Keser shares some tips on how to increase conversion rates. To learn more visit: http://www.Bluefountainmedia.com. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BFMweb Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@BFMweb Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/blue-fountain-media Google+: https://plus.google.com/113167970909420507537/posts

How To Increase Your Retail Sales Conversion Rates -#1: Everyone sells

Looking for how to raise your retail employee's conversion rates? Here is the first of several short tips to convert more lookers to buyers in your store. This tip is that everyone sells. To learn more, visit this blog post How to Raise Your Retail Associates' Conversion Rate http://www.retaildoc.com/blog/how-to-raise-your-retail-associates-conversion-rate/

Yomdel helps your business increase online conversion rates to 25%, while boosting Average Order Values by 10%.

Ecommerce conversion rates are only about 3% of unique visitors. And of those people that put items in their baskets, 70% will abandon their purchase.

Why does this happen?

It's mainly down to unanswered questions and a lack of human interaction.

Imagine how many more sales or conversions there would be if you could talk to customers at checkout or other critical points in their journey.

Using Live Chat to talk to people when they hesitate at checkout, or to answer questions or concerns elsewhere on your website, is proven to increase conversion rates to 25% or more and average order values by at least 10%.

At Yomdel we combine expertise in how people use websites and what makes them buy or abandon, powerful technology to serve live chat AND the teams of highly trained people you need to answer the questions that block your sales and conversions.

We know exactly what behaviours indicate impending basket abandonment and we know when to step in to help them buy.

What's more, Yomdel never sleeps and is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve your customers.

Talk to Yomdel to add the human dimension to your online business AND ramp up sales and leads.

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