Newborn Baby Essentials | Tips On How To Dress Your Newborn Baby

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Hospital Procedures: How to Bathing And Care For Newborn Baby

This Video is Hospital Procedures for Bathing and Care Newborn Baby Tag: how to bathing and care for newborn baby prosedur cara memandikan bayi baru lahir bathing infant how to bath your baby top baby bath tips baby bathing techniques cara memandikan bayi yang benar tutorial memandikan bayi


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How To Swaddle a Baby

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Minimalist Newborn Necessities 0-1 Month (In The Home)

I forgot wipes! What else did I forget??? My daughter was born full term 40w3d 6lb 10oz

What to pack in baby's hospital bag? Newborn essentials for the first days - Monika Daily

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Hey guys here is what I packed for my baby to take to hospital. I was trying to be very minimalist this time as I didn't use half the stuff I had for my first baby. Do you think there is anything else I need???? Let me know in the comments below! :) Please LIKE and Share the video if you liked it, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos every week! xxxx M. Find the "What's in my changing bag?" video I mentioned here: Find me also on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

A useful guide with hints and tips on how to dress your newborn baby. This video features the key essential baby clothing you might use - Sleepsuits, onesies, vests. For a complete guide to your new baby clothing essentials, visit:

Today we are going to help guide you in the best way to dress your newborn baby in layers of clothing

Lay your baby gently down on its back on a clean dry surface- changing mat ideal make sure you are supporting baby’s head all the time whilst carrying and laying them down.

To put on a vest – widen the neck gather the fabric – lift baby’s head up slowly and slip the back of the vest around the neck – bring the front gently down over their face – take each sleeve open as wide as you can – reach through the sleeve opening for their hand / pull vest over the arm – gently ease the hand through – be careful to keep their fingers together so they don’t get bent back – lift baby’s bottom up and slide the vest down – fastening the poppers at the bottom.

Undo all poppers on a sleepsuit and lay it out on the table or at the side of the baby whilst on the mat –lay your baby down on top of it – gently supporting their head whilst you lift and put them back down – gently ease the legs and feet in first – make sure baby’s foot is safely into the bottom of the suit with no little toes caught – get hold of the sleeves and gather up making a big hole where you can then pop over baby’s hand making sure again all little fingers are safely clasped together. Make sure you gently ease the sleeves down over baby’s arms trying not to pull their delicate arms at all. Fasten the poppers starting at the top and then working from the outsides in on the leg area so that you finally match up the poppers in the central nappy area. And you’re done!

You can then also pop on scratchmittens over baby’s hands and secure them over the top of the sleepsuit cuffs. These help keep baby’s hands warm , prevent them scratching their faces and make them feel secure. When changing baby’s nappy all you need to do is unpopper the bottom half of the suit up to the tummy area / remove baby’s legs and then unpopper the vest – lifting baby’s bottom by its legs and tucking the suit and vest to the side or up behind baby’s back. A number of sleepsuits also have integrated scratchmitten cuffs. These are at the ends of the arms and are easily folded over and popped over baby’’s delicate hands, Meaning that you don’t have to have any separate scratchmittens.

During cooler months and for coming home from hospital and going outside – baby will need a pramsuit. Choose one that has a full front opening that makes it easy to lay the pramsuit flat – once you have fully unzipped or unpoppered it and laid baby onto it. You then put baby’s legs in first and finally their arms reaching through again to find their little hands watching always that little fingers are closed. You can then zip up or popper your pramsuit (ideal suits have mitts poppered onto the ends of the sleeves so you can easily remove them if baby is coming inside or is warm and don’t let lose them!). Finally only put baby’s hat on as you are about to go outside to prevent overheating and put up baby’s hood to prevent cold and wind hitting their delicate faces and giving them a true sense of being cocooned. To put on a hat – lay baby flat and stretch the hat open with both your hands pulling it down gently onto baby’s head – reaching towards the back first and then to the front.

And there you have it … all done for you … Trust us to give you Essentials you really need…. Honestly.

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