Wax Hand at Yankee Candle Village Part 1

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Wax Hand at Yankee Candle Village Part 2 Color Selection

Wax Hand at Yankee Candle Village Part 1 Link: http://youtu.be/DWXTeOIFVvI

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Beautiful Water Painting


Lifecasting Tutorial: Accucast 590 Face Cast

In this lifecasting tutorial we show a basic face cast using Accucast 590 http://www.brickintheyard.com/products/ac590-25lb . We already have a few casting videos dealing with face casts, but as any experienced lifecaster will tell you, there are way too many points to cover in a single video. In addition to Accucast 590 tips we also cover the basix mixing/casting of Hydrocal plaster. Get Lifecasting supplies from our store: http://www.brickintheyard.com/collections/life-casting-supplies

Whole Watermelon Jelly 丸ごとスイカゼリー

i made Whole Watermelon Jelly! Thank you for worrying us!;) I and jsc is safe but the Kumamoto Prefecture is took on a lot of damage from the earthquake. So we made this video with Kumamoto watermelon for supporting them. 日本語のレシピはこちら http://cookpad.com/recipe/3876239 main ingredients watermelon(watermelon juice is about 900ml) instant gelatin(about 20g) related videos Edible Orbeez Gummy Cupcake ~食べられる オービーズ グミ カップケーキ https://youtu.be/O9HOWi2qBZc Edible Squishy DIY DQ Slime Jelly 食べられる ぷにぷに スライムゼリー https://youtu.be/gkW4DQC3X7g Jewel Cheesecake ジュエルレアチーズケーキ https://youtu.be/dVbuirq3o3s 熊本のましきすいかを使ってまるごとスイカゼリーを作ってみました(゚∇^*) ♥decocookie google plus page♥ https://plus.google.com/u/0/113471759948837870266/posts ★our other channels★ "Japanese stuff everyday!" http://www.youtube.com/user/japanesestuffchannel "JP MONO"(my husband"30oyaji" 's channel) http://www.youtube.com/user/30oyaji

Wax Hand at Yankee Candle Village Part 2 Color Selection Link: https://youtu.be/DWXTeOIFVvI

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