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The Color Restaurant Experiment

How do colors affect the way we feel and think? To find out we created an experience experiment in a restaurant environment, using brain wave technology – and a lot of color. See more results and find your colors at

100+ Best Japanese Restaurant Exterior Design Ideas 2018

Japanese Restaurant Exterior Design - japanese restaurant interior design. modern japanese restaurant design interior concept ideas and architecture. seafood restaurant interior design photos. japanese restaurant exterior decorating design ideas concept pictures. design for the japanese restaurant ten, sushi teppanyaki, gold coast, designed by ktx archilab. top japanese restaurant design ideas pictures with best decoration and interior concept. please before you watch regarding japanese restaurant design ideas with playlist categorioes about restaurant subscribe it from currently! japanese restaurant design concept. japanese restaurants beautiful interior design. exterior restaurant design concept . both restaurant exterior and restaurant interior feel livable and bring local architecture is such interesting work to do. selection of colors and shapes exterior restaurant famous restaurant.

HOT Nice Designing a Modern Fast Food Restaurant

Nice Designing a Modern Fast Food Restaurant. Designing a Modern Fast Food Restaurant Brandon Agency of Ukraine was posed with an interesting challenge: Design an innovative fast food restaurant, complete from the logo to its corporate identity to its interior design. Focused on simple and original food from local, seasonal ingredients, the name “simple.” was chosen for the restaurant. Located in central Kiev, they kept to using organic materials (wood, kraft paper, plywood) and natural colors to exemplify the theme. It extends to the small details as well, like using rolling pins as menus and rakes as coat racks. The simple continues in the strict design standards for the icons, illustrations, and overall posters of the space. They even developed game sets, stickers, and multiple menus specifically for simple. Keywords: restaurant design concept, restaurant design software, restaurant design part 1, restaurant design in india, small restaurant design, fast food restaurant design, small restaurant design ideas, burger restaurant design, open kitchen restaurant design, pizza restaurant design, restaurant design, restaurant design concept, small restaurant design, fast food restaurant design, small restaurant design ideas,

Shipping Container Coffee Shop | Cafe | Bar and Restaurant

Shipping Container Coffee Shop, Shipping Container Cafe, Shipping Container Bar,Shipping Container Restaurant. 1. Container restaurant Denmark. The beauty and portability of a true pop-up restaurant! PopUp Republic 2. Porchetta shipping container kiosk CT Notes 3. Grind and co Cafe Alexandria Broadsheet Sydney 4. Coffee shops designs by strakx 5. Outdoor bar at Cinquecento Roman Trattoria in the South End 6. The Hive Cafe 7. The patio's bar: a converted shipping container - AMANDA AREIAS 8. Burro Cheese Kitchen a sharp looking container plus some tables and chairs 9. Contenedores Food Place in Envigado - Restaurant 10. 10. Artisan Crafted Gelato, Allpress Coffee & Best Ugly Bagels in the heart of Oneroa, Waiheke Island, New Zealand. 11. shipping container cafe 12. Eat Drink KL: Chaiwalla Co Container Cafe @ The Curve 13. Pop-up shipping container bar. 14.Roast Republic coffee shop in South Africa.

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color for the Exterior of Your Home!

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Colour for the Exterior of Your Home! Posted by CCD Engineering on February 20, 2014 Building or renovating your home should be an exciting time. It is an opportunity to show your sense of style. In other words, it is your informal 'hello' to the neighbourhood. Whether daring or shy a few tips and tricks will add curb appeal, style and voice to your home. This video is a guide for picking the perfect colour for your home that will suit you and the style of your home. Link to this article Link to CCD's article: How Colours can affect your Mood, Feelings and Emotions Link to CCD's website: Link to our page on CCD's blog Link to our channel

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