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Melissa's Flipnote [Sudomemo] - Baby Shoes MV

Creator: Melissa (Credit to original) Source of flipnote: Sudomemo account page: WARNING! Watching Flipnotes can be flashy and gives you seizure, PLEASE STOP WATCHING if you suddenly feel unwell! Music (Song): Bad Books - Baby Shoes Link: Where to find/contact creator: [No information; Please comment if you know] I DO NOT OWN THIS FLIPNOTE AND I DO NOT CLAIM THIS FLIPNOTE TO BE MINE. ALL CREDITS TO THE ORIGINAL! (Compulsory) THANK YOU! All comments and ratings are for the creator, not me! [Flipnotes converted from Sudomemo for watching ONLY!] No one is allowed to repost except the creator. If you are permitted by the creator to repost, please remember to credit and include links, thanks for not stealing! If you want me to add description, remove (delete) flipnote or something else, please leave a comment and I will try to response asap! Channels with similar posts + recommendation: Flipnotes: Flipnote Hatena: FlipnotesRANDOM: NewFlipnoteHatena:

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Credit to Munji! Thanks to LameKirby for importing! Song: 【ニコカラ】ホワイトハッピー《off vocal》 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also find me (the user of this channel not the artist of this Flipnote) here: Check other Flipnote Channels! - Flipnotes - Flipnote Animation - Flipnote Animation HQ - FlipnotesRANDOM - New Flipnote Hatena

Baby Shoes MV // Sudomemo [Endy Cat's Flipnote 720p60]

Read Channel 'About'! Thanks Flipnote: Sudomemo: Song: Bad Books - Baby Shoes Link to Song: I don't own the music, credit to original! How I work the title: [Name of song][Words on thumbnail] // [Website Name] (Endy Cat's Flipnote [Highest quality of flipnote] is just to make the search easier on youtube so probably best to not copy and ignore)


Join Martin as he learns that bottling up emotions isn't the best idea after all... (Warning for mild gore ) Art done by: Seb- IG: lil_seb Deviantart: sebmakesapun Sheena -IG: seashores121 Tumblr: sheenamuyrong Twitter @pizzapii (that one piece of obscure fanart (try an find it) art by Sam :///////// happy?) EDIT; if u can guess which piece belongs to Sam seb'll draw u something small of ur choice :~) Music belongs to Mother Mother, this isn't for commercial purposes.

Credit to Gravyboat!

Song: Baby Shoes by Bad Books

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