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8 "TMI" Feminine Hygiene HACKS You NEED To Know!

Watch my newest video on SLIME HACKS!! ➜ Watsup, guys! Today we will learn 8 TMI Feminine Hygiene HACKS You NEED to Know! Instagram: @xoJahtna Feminine Hygiene is one of those things everyone is expected to know but NO ONE ever talks about, and there's more to it than just putting on perfume & deodorant. So here are some helpful feminine hygiene life hacks & helpful feminine hygiene tips you can apply to your daily hygiene routine to make it more pleasant! This is where I purchased the Menstrual Leakproof Panties: Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 1 Did you know it’s not good idea to wear your skinny jeans every day? Tight clothing actually limits the flow of air, trapping heat and moisture down there. Your intimate area should be able to ‘breathe’ to avoid trapping heat and moisture. Therefore, it’s best to opt for loose-fitting clothes. If you’ve worn tight clothes all day - just take them off as soon as you get home and put some loose pants on! Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 2 Most people toss their underwear into a drawer without folding them(i’m so guilty of this.) So, an easy way to tame the mess in your drawer is to use a tray organizer! It’s a great way to repurpose them & keep your underwear collection organized. This will make a good storage system helping with daily underwear planning, which is super important for hygiene. Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 3 Did you know there’s a such thing as period underwear! They serves as extra protection from leaks if there’s an overflow from the pad. The SECRET to the underwear is in the layers. The Spanx-y outer fabric is leak-proof, and the inner lining is a high bamboo fiber which provides more protection in the center and rear of your undies. (I’ve put them to the test and they really work! They’re amazing and I’ve stocked up on them haha. Here is the website I got them from: Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 4 Did you know that wearing certain types of underwear everyday can be bad for your hygiene? Synthetic underwear, like silk & elastic, are not really breathable. They can increase heat and moisture down there, causing more sweatiness, which could potentially lead to bacteria overgrowth. The best thing you can do is wear cotton undies! Cotton is the most breathable material to wear! It keeps everything dry & cool down there, which is really important for your hygiene! Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 5 And that leads me to the next hack: if you have a favorite pair of silk or elastic undies that’s not lined at the bottom with cotton, here’s a quick DIY to fix that! All you need is a cotton t-shirt you no longer use.. just cut out a small piece of cotton fabric and sew it to the private area of your underwear. The cotton underwear lining helps you prevent moisture from getting trapped down there, helping you stay cooler & drier throughout the day. Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 6 Have you ever tossed your underwear without folding them into your bag? To stay organized and make the most out of the space in your bag, here’s a hack to fold your underwear to be smaller and more compact. Your underwear will not come unfolded until you are ready to put them on & you’ll always be prepared in case you have an accident! Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 7 Next, drink lots & lots of water, as in 8-10 glasses a day. This will keep you hydrated, and naturally flush out toxins that can cause odor down there and keep things under control. Also increasing your water intake will eliminate the excess sugars from your body that act as breeding ground for the bacteria, improving your hygiene. Feminine Hygiene Life Hack 8 When showering, try to avoid using soaps with perfumes in it as it can irritate you down there. When choosing a feminine wash, do look for those with no scent. Products that contain perfumes can actually cause infections which leads to itching and odor. I hope you guys liked today’s video, 8 TMI Feminine Hygiene HACKS You NEED to Know! Don’t forget to leave a big thumbs up on this video and comment below your favorite life-hack from this video! xo Love you guyssss! Business:

Full Body Peel Off Mask Challenge

My Instagram: OK, so I decided to put face mask on my body and make a video about it. So, as you can see it's not exactly full body and that's just because I can't be naked on YouTube :D :P It feels weird, the peeloff mask was cold and yes, it hurts peeling it off from your body, especially from certain areas ;) Hope you like it, please like, comment and subscribe. Here is a similar video, 100 layers of face mask: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Soundtrack: - Summer Festival 2 - Jonas Elander - Mrs Right (Instrumental Version) - Kalle Engstrom - A Perfect Summer Day 4 - Jan Chmelar - Staring At The Sun (Instrumental Version) - Joachim Nilsson

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St. Patricks Day Makeup

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Shaved My Head | Hair Growth In 365 Days | Timelapse

Thanks for watching :) *PLEASE READ* The photos at the end are after 3 years. Hair update video: PREMIUM SNAPCHAT EMAIL: FOLLOW ME AROUND: Instagram: Snapchat: @eloura.wild MUSIC: Retreat by Jason Farnham

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