The New Home Marketing Services Story -- Helping Builders Sell More!

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New Home Sales Training | Train Hard-Sell Easy! |

New Home Sales Training: Professional new home sales trainer Myers Barnes talks about the topic of training. In this video he discusses bringing your natural resources to the top. In a tough market, your training needs to be tough. This means you need to amp up your training. In order to work smarter, you need to get smarter.

Luxury Real Estate: Scripts, Objection Handlers & Tactics for Selling High-End Homes

Find your next client with live video: Real Estate Uncensored- Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: Back episodes and other content: One of the most direct paths to higher income in real estate (or any business) is raising your average sale price. Often this comes down to communication and presentation. In this episode we're picking Greg's brain about his experience selling high-end homes in the Bay area and how he teaches young, up-and-coming agents how to break into the luxury market. During this live event we covered: How to door knock in high end areas How to speak to luxury clients Key things you should be aware of when meeting with luxury homeowners  How to know if the luxury market is right for your personality and sales style How younger agents can position themselves for the luxury market

Modern Home Construction Technique

This video shows the simple animation of modern style of construction of houses in various stages like excavation work, foundation work, fixing of trusses, etc. Many Thanks to The Animation Annex for creating this informative video.

Contractor Business Tips: Sales Tips for Contractors

Contractor Business Tips: Sales Tips for Contractors. Tom Reber shares some simple sales tips to help you sell more projects at higher prices. He'll discuss... -not making your money issues THEIR money issues -it's not your job to find THEIR money -talk about money early on and Pre-Qualify so you protect your time -why you should be proud of your prices For more sales tips for contractors or to learn about sales training for contractors please visit Tom Reber is a business coach for contractors and co-founder of the Contractor Sales Academy. Let's kick your contracting business in the ass: Some Of The Other Topics We Train On: -How to start a company... -How to grow your social media channels... -How to estimate projects properly... -How to grow your business... -How to grow your contracting company... -How to get more customers... -Painting -Water Features -Landscaping -Flooring -Remodeling Let's Kick Your Contracting Business in the Ass! SUBSCRIBE NOW! Other areas of interest: home improvement, aquascape, profit, business tips, how to start a business, small business ideas, the profit, ponds, contractor, make money, marketing plan, renovation, painter, landscaping, construction, construction jobs, construction management, builder, handyman, business, marketing, leadership, leadership styles, work from home jobs, business ideas, jobsite, job description, Benjamin moore, Sherwin williams

2013 BEST RETIREMENT HOME - Fine Homebuilding HOUSES Awards

Our award for BEST RETIREMENT HOME goes to Jon Nystrom for the house he designed and built for himself and his wife in Boerne, Texas. Designed with an emphasis on long-term livability and built with regionally appropriate, durable, and low-maintenance materials, this home is remarkably fit for aging in place in style and comfort. Find out more about this award-winning home at:

NHMS describes the issues builders face when selling new construction and how a better knowledge of resale and Realtor community can make a difference.

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