12 Transparent Bathrooms That Cure Your Shyness

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Toilet Boardroom Surprise Prank

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10 Worlds Strangest Public Bathrooms

Ur-ine for a treat on 10 worlds strangest public bathrooms ones where you can pee into a shark's mouth or a surprise pop up toilet. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 7- America's Best Bathroom – The Varsity Theater in Dinkytown, Minneapolis is where you’ll find America’s Best Bathroom… at least in 2013. The votes were tallied online and this restroom beat out nine other bathrooms from across the country. Part of the allure of this bathroom is you can still see the stage, hear the music and be served your drinks from inside. The décor makes you feel like you’re inside an old European castle. The restroom was designed by Jason McLean, the theater's owner and completed in April 2011. 6- Pop-Up Toilet – Now you see it, now you don’t. This public pop-up toilet rises up from the ground every night at 10pm and disappears again at 3am. Designed by the Dutch company UriLift, these pop-up toilets are… wait for it… popping up all over the world, with operational units now in Sweden, the UK, Belgium, Holland and Denmark. They take about a minute and a half to fully emerge and the designs are in the works for a version to accommodate the female population. To raise the 6 foot tall stainless steel lift out of the ground a city worker has to manually use a remote control after doing a quick check to make sure there are no accidents. 5- All Glass Bathroom – When you think “public toilet” you probably don’t think of a glass structure sitting in the middle of a town. Located in Sulphur Springs, Texas, the public bathroom was built using glass that can be seen out, but not in, people using this bathroom must have a lot of trust. If there were to be more light inside than outside, the glass would reveal what’s going on inside – to achieve the utmost of modesty the designers have no interior lights inside and LED lights set up on the outside to keep things going at night. Once inside, you can enjoy crystal clear views of the outside, such as the courthouse and a life size chess set. The best are the people stopping to check out their hair or reapply lipstick who have no idea what’s going on on the other side of the glass. 4- Shark Urinal – A shark mouth, with teeth exposed may not be your ideal place to whip it out and do your business, but if you visit Jack Astor’s in Toronto, that’s exactly what you can experience. The restaurant thought it would be a great idea to turn one of their urinals into a shark’s open mouth, claiming it did so to welcome Canada’s largest aquarium to the neighborhood. Telling yourself the chompers aren’t real will do little to ease your mind with a sign hanging above warning to be “Careful where you dangle your bait.” Message received. 3- Easehouse – Because port a potties are the worst, a guy in the UK decided to do something about the gross, public toilets. Stichting Singeldingen commissioned the construction of a temporary, demountable alternative to the port a potty. Called the Easehouse – it was installed at a public playground and is meant to blend in with the setting around it. The Easehouse has two toilets, one smaller for children. The beauty of this restroom is that the whole thing can be dismounted and put up anywhere. 2- Perry Lakes Park Restrooms – Located along the shores of the Cahaba River in Alabama, Perry Lakes Park is the home of three “unique toilet experiences” designed by a student build team. The experience highlights three types of restrooms – the tall toilet, the long toilet and the mound toilet. The tall option features a light-weight aluminum truss. The long toilet features two walls that capture and frame a single tree. Finally, the mound option is surrounded by a septic system that services the entire bathroom structure. The three are connected by a raised walkway. 1- Urine-Controlled Video Game – This one’s pretty awesome. A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania have managed to score the coolest urinals. They offer urine-controlled video games. Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs introduced the “Urinal Gaming System” in its men’s bathrooms to keep fans entertained while they use the facilities. The system was designed by a British company called Captive Media and one of the first games introduced was a snowboarding game that controls where the character goes by where the player pees. Sounds messy.

Would you use this see through bathroom in Austria?

This sorcery takes place at Café Diglas in Austria.

12 Transparent Bathrooms That Cure Your Shyness - 12 Solutions of transparent bathrooms designed with elegant lines and modern furnishings. It’s pure poetry to have a bathroom with a view, be it a water tower, a tree, a lake or a park.

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