How to Fix a Broken Closet Door (Bi-fold)

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Bifold door repair - Top Roller

----- How to make a stronger bifold door wheel / roller so it doesn't break so easy. I used the head of a pex toilet connector but you can use other materials. -----The wheel is really only a guide, so you can use just about any piece of hard plastic cut to a roughly round shape. Then drill a hole in it ad press it back on the pin. -----Also, make sure the screws that hold the track in place don't stick down too far. That can split the wood of the door when the wheel hit the screws. ----- If your wood is split, watch my video on how to replace the pivots in a bi fold. Those videos show how to put a metal strip on the edge of a bi fold to fix and reinforce the wood that is split. ----- Please subscribe to my channel, hit the thumbs up button, share, and leave questions/comments. Thanks for watching. Bifold door repair videos -----Top pivot - -----Bottom Pivot - -----Top Roller - User (that is you) interaction helps me make money. Please hit the like button, subscribe, and leave me a comment or question. I usually respond the same day. Thanks for watching. Click here to Subscribe: Select one of these playlist to see a list of related videos. How to playlist: RV Repair playlist: Cars and Trucks Repair playlist: Fruits and Veggies playlist: Funny playlist: adjust, broken, change, fasten, fixes, fixing, how, install, makes, making, mend, open, quick, reattach, repairs, replacements, replacing, service, solution, way, breaks, can, stop, If you want to donate funds to help me make more videos, click the link below. Thanks for your donations! Fixpro256 f1i1x1p1r1o1 HowToAutoRepair h1t1a1r1

How to repair a damaged bi-fold door

Video shows how to repair a damaged bi-fold door by replacing the hardware in the door. We remove the door - remove the track that the door slides in - install a new track and cut it to size -install a new support bracket at the bottom of the door, and new spring pivots in the top - we adjust the pivot bracket in the top track to position the door correctly in the closet and then install a new door handle

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Bifold Door Pivot Repair

Very common for the pivots of a bi-fold door to become damaged but don’t run out and buy and entire new door set until you watch this video! In this instance the bi-fold was damaged but with less than $10 dollars in hardware and 15 minutes we were able to return the bi-fold door to better than new condition. You can do it! Parts Used in This Video: Bi-Fold Repair Bracket (1 3/8” Thickness) - Bi-Fold Door Pivots (3/8” hole diameter) - Toggle Bolts 2 pack (1/8” x 2” long) -

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I fix my bi-folding closet door which has broken at the bottom as the wood had split. (Please note that I have no experience or training and may not use all the correct tools, but I try my best!)
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